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Matrimonial Law

Schenectady Child Custody and Support Lawyers

Any attorney can file a lawsuit and take a divorce case to trial, but it takes skilled and experienced attorney to continually produce a positive outcome.

At Capasso & Associates LLC, we know that divorce and related matters like child custody and support can be highly emotional. Disputes are common. One side or both often wants to fight, and our attorneys are ready to fight, but we consider it a last resort. We take pride in our ability to use our negotiation and mediation skills to keep people out of the courtroom whenever possible, while still protecting the best interests of those we represent.

Aggressive Trial Attorneys Resolving Contested Divorce Cases

We also take pride in our litigation skills. We will not simply accept a negative outcome in order to avoid a trip to court. We are aggressive attorneys who will go to trial — where we have an impressive record of success and more than 30 years of experience — in order to get results. We thrive on these challenges. In fact, we are frequently referred these types of challenging, disputed cases by our peers, who trust us to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

We handle divorce cases of all types, contested and uncontested, including cases that involve high income earners and large amounts of assets.

Divorce and All Related Matters

Rarely is divorce a simple matter of ending a marriage. There are a variety of overlapping issues that need to be resolved gracefully, simultaneously and, most importantly, successfully. We handle all of these issues:

  • Property division
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Spousal support

When you choose our law firm, you will work with a lawyer who was voted one of New York state’s Top Lawyers as published in New York Magazine.