Kimberly Auspelmyer

Kimberly Auspelmyer is a Paralegal at Capasso & Associates LLC, and has been an instrumental part of the firm’s success since 2005. She earned a business degree from Schenectady County Community College in 2015. She has specialized in the area of matrimonial law and family law litigation for over 18 years. Ms. Auspelmyer’s duties include conferencing with attorneys and clients, gathering, reviewing and analyzing documents relevant to a client’s case, and managing case files. She specializes in the preparation of pleadings and court documents through all phases of a case from the commencement of an action to its conclusion, including, but not limited to, Statements of Net Worth, Motions, Discovery Demands and Responses, Settlement Agreements, Separation Agreements, Statements of Proposed Disposition, and final submission of divorce pleadings. Ms. Auspelmyer also prepares files for settlement conferences, court appearances, and trials. Ms. Auspelmyer provides professional and confident support for our respected clients.